Gamescom 2023: AK-xolotl release date! The Last Faith beta! Abiotic!

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What a Gamescom it’s been for us at Playstack!

It’s always great to come together as an industry and see magnificent creations from across the globe. As well as connecting with a slate of our developer partners,  we had three major announcements at the Future Games Show.

Here’s a full breakdown…!


NOT LONG TO WAIT: AK-xolotl releases September 14th

Alongside a new cute and catchy trailer, we announced that AK-xolotl will be launching on all platforms on September 14th! 


The demo was getting love from everyone who tried it at Gamescom. But if you didn’t make the event, don’t worry, you can check out the demo and Wishlist the game here.


ENTER MYTHRINGAL: The Last Faith Beta is now open! 

Releasing in November, The Last Faith has players take the role of Eryk as he traverses a dark, mythological world. 


As well as a brand-new trailer to enjoy, players can now take part in the Beta and test out the challenging metroidvania for themselves. 


ANNOUNCING: Abiotic Factor

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Deep Field Games on the upcoming game, Abiotic Factor. Team up with up to five friends to traverse spooky facilities, build bases and fight a range of nasty enemies. 


Coming in 2024, the playstest is open to sign up to today (and don’t forget to Wishlist) !


Kill ’em with science! 🔬


And that’s a wrap! We’re so happy to finally get this information out to players.
If you’re interested in any of our new games, make sure to wishlist them on Steam now!