Announcing… Little Problems

By January 24, 2024No Comments

You’ve overslept, your class assignment is due and you are supposed to meet your study group but time has escaped you. These are just some examples of the everyday problems you’ll have to navigate through and analyse in our newest title, Little Problems, coming this year!

Little Problems immerses players in a world where detective work involves connecting with friends and grasping the small yet meaningful aspects of everyday life – finding comfort and relief in finding solutions to everyday problems. A bright departure from established conventions in the point-and-click detective genre, think of Little Problems as a game where instead of saving the world, you’re improving it!


As the player in this Golden Idol-inspired title, you’ll be solving an array of expertly designed puzzles that encapsulate the challenges and obstacles many of us have faced. 


Created by the brilliant solo developer Posh Cat, players can stay posted on all Little Problems news by signing up to the newsletter and wishlisting on Steam!