COMING SOON: Balatro launches February 20th on PC and Console

By January 26, 2024No Comments

It’s time to go all in! We’re excited to announce that the much anticipated poker-inspired roguelike, Balatro, will be making its way to players on February 20th!



Over 100,000 players had the chance to check out the demo on Steam in the latter half of 2023, resulting in millions of hours of gameplay for this hotly anticipated title. However, it’s not just PC players who will be able to get stuck into this refreshing twist on the deckbuilder; Balatro will also be making its way to Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.



Players can also try their hands prior to – and during – the Steam Next Fest, where a new demo has also been released to offer a taste of what’s to come.


In Balatro, players blend real-world poker hands with unique Joker cards to create a selection of powerful combos to progress through runs. To win means to leverage every advantage to reach the boss blind, surpass the final ante, and take home the glory.


With a wealth of Decks and special cards including  Jokers, Tarot cards, Planet cards, Spectral cards, and Vouchers, no two runs are the same, as you’ll devise unique strategies to progress through increasingly challenging runs.

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